Arty Arts

(sapphic akita)

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updated: Nov 14, 23

Arty Speaks

β˜† Call me Arty ^^
β˜† Nonbinary (they/she/he)
β˜† 21
β˜† Homoromantic
β˜† Dec 11 (Sagittarius)
β˜† A loving idiot that likes meeting new people and making folks happy!

Arty Doodles

β˜† Furries + Animals
β˜† Monsters + Fantasy
β˜† The Gays
β˜† Some Fanart
β˜† Little Cuties
β˜† TW Gore


β˜† Sexual NSFW
β˜† Pedos, racists, terfs, lgbtphobes, etc.
stay the fuck away
β˜† NFTs are for chumps and idiots <3
β˜† AI art isn’t real art either, try like the rest of humanity
β˜† Don't be rude or hateful here

Info & Links

β˜† If there's anything that needs a warning (tw or cw) just lmk!
I want everyone to feel safe and welcome πŸ’™
β˜† If I do something offensive, please tell me! I'm always learning to be better and might not notice old habits are gross and harmfulβ˜† I know my art will be reposted (cant stop it), so if you do, please have clear credit given to me!
- Kindly don't repost to any of the places below since I post there myself
β˜† Here are places to contact me or see more of my stuff, and below that you can find my Portfolio and Comms Page!
- My twitter is more of just a personal account for now, but it's also linked!

be queer β˜€οΈŽ spread love